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The Tsunami

You are standing on shore, staring up at a tsunami rising over you and rushing upon you. You are not prepared. No one is ever prepared, even if you were warned it was coming. After the initial bang of shock, you experience a bewildering and intense wave of panic and disbelief, characterized by the words, I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t believe this happened…

You have lost your loved one.

Grief first arrives as a physical presence. It seizes your body and takes up residence.  Its purpose is to reap havoc. Your life has just changed dramatically and grief wants you to know it. 

The physical expression of grief is different for everyone. Some of its manifestations arrive in a whisper, others land like a blow. Some are fleeting and reoccurring, others never leave. You may get one, some, or all of these symptoms. The ingredients here, their potency and duration are based on your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

It is an original recipe designed for you.

Your grief delivers exactly what you need.

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