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What is Forever...

Why does grief knock so hard?

To show you how big your love is.

You discover it is startling, the consuming power of your love. Love is amplified in grief and this amplification is revelatory.

Put your grief to work. Let it bust open your heart even wider.


Listen to this powerful breathing exercise and meditation. This connects you to your loved one's spirit and rocks your world with love.











Or follow these simple instructions:


Find a quiet time and a peaceful place. Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath, hold for a slow count of three before slowly releasing. During the retention, invite yourself to relax. Take ten or more of these deep breaths. This simple exercise has countless physical benefits: it lowers blood pressure and stress levels, and shoots positive endorphins into your system. But for our purpose, it serves to alert your consciousness that it is about to wake up.

After the breath exercise, conjure your loved one in your mind’s eye. See them smiling back at you. Imagine your loved one is sending you love. Picture this love as a glittering white light cascading over you.

Linger here until this becomes fully imagined.

Tell them how much you love them.

You can do this once or a thousand times.

Take this further. Invite memories of your time together to play in your mind’s eye. Start with the time you felt the most love from them. Relive this memory in detail. Visit another memory. Progress through the treasures of your time together sequentially or let your consciousness choose the order your memories appear. Review memories of love, joy, laughter.

Again, imagine their love as a glittering white light falling over you.

Do you see now? Their love. It is still here.

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