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Discovering Your Purpose

Grief is a powerful spiritual path once you understand:

You are a transcendent soul. (Again, belief doesn’t matter here; what resonates as truth in the spiritual realm, reverberates as truth on our material plane.) Aided by your spirit guides, all the souls that love you--and there are many more of these than you know—you chose this life for a purpose. You selected this time to incarnate. In this body. In this exact place. You chose your mom and dad, and those siblings. If you have children, you entered a spiritual agreement with them to be their parent. Your higher self-selected the pivotal, most important aspects of your life.

You and your loved one chose this incarnation together.

Now the question becomes why? Why did you choose this life?

This vantage point can be an illuminating and life affirming lens.

You have free will. Your parents had free will. All choices reverberate energetically into our lives. Fate is never predetermined; our choices can result in tragedy or fortuitous circumstances bringing forth joy and love.
Your grief is presenting you with this very choice.

Many spiritualists propose tragic life events happen to test or hopefully ignite our soul’s compassion or that tragic situations are not chosen as punishment, but as a powerful spiritual path, with unknown benefits in the spiritual realm. You may never know why something happened, and the purpose of your life choice might forever elude you, but we move closer to discovery by asking these questions.

This examination includes you and your loved one.  

This is where grief leads you.

Imagine you had not made this choice: You had never met your loved one. Your loved one never showed up in your life. You never knew their love. You never felt their touch or kiss, you never heard their voice or laughter. The treasure bank of your memories together—gone, swept away as if they never happened.

Can you imagine this? Do you see the tragedy here?

Now what if you were given this choice: to have known their love and its grief, or to never have known this treasure.

Your imagination is introducing you to grief’s biggest gift--gratitude.

Let it wash over you in reflection. Let it change the shape and size of your grief forever. The understanding it brings is the most beautiful part of love and its loss. It is your loved one’s gift to you.

The magnitude of your loss becomes the size of their gift.

Grief is indeed a teacher bearing gifts. To have walked in love is to come at last to this final great sorrow—it can be no other way. Yet grief is also our doorway into an altered world. Compassion, a great letting go, forgiveness of yourself and others, grace all wait on the other side. These incalculable gifts lead to a knowing of transcendence. Grief, then, becomes the brightest light on your soul’s path.

A path lit by love, your loved one’s love, shining in your heart, mind and soul forever more.

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